Sunday, September 7, 2008


Just finished Joseph's O'Neill's Netherland. Jesus Christ who is this guy? Several reasons why this is a book worth reading:

1. The organic flow of the protagonist's character development; no, he is not a scintillating guy, which makes the fact that his story is pretty riveting all the more impressive. 
2. Captures a desolation to NYC that is neither forced (see Falling Man by Don Delillo) nor overly rhapsodic. That is, there is no Look Upon The Valley of Ashes. 
3. The character of Chuck Ramkissoon flits between real and gossamer; there is somthing imaginary about him that is quite beautiful he is best foil to a man's inner fury and longing since Tyler Durden in Fight Club. Except he exists.
4. The sentences are stunners, and the long descriptive passages often symphonic.

It is always a good sign when a book has taken a lot out of me. This one left me tired but exhillarated, like after a good run. 

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