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Cute Kitten Porn

OK this blog is now very gooey and cute

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Treason and Gunpowder Plot

Happy Guy Fawkes Day. Blow up yer staid old idears!

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Hipster Book Club:

Characters this complex can be hard to write, especially in books meant to be comedic, but Michael Shilling handles this with little difficulty.

Book Launch Cafe:

From the first sentence, Rock Bottom grabbed me with its itchy hands and dragged me on a wild, frightening ride through the last day of the last tour of the failed and humiliated band Blood Orphans.

Emerging Writers Network:

A rollicking good read . . . a difficult book to put down.


Readers will likely find themselves rooting for this band of misfits (or at least most of the band members) and enjoying their wild ride into obscurity. In his world of sex, drugs, and rock & roll, Mr. Shilling certainly knows what he writes. The story is utterly believable.


Told in alternating chapters by each of the band members as well as their wise and raucous
female manager, this is an exuberant comic romp by a veteran of the Seattle music scene.