Saturday, July 26, 2008

information I am looking for

I am looking to speak/blog/correspond with anyone who has first-hand knowledge/experiences/photos/primary source materials/interests regarding the following topics:

The Christmas Island Crabs
-- Have you been to Christmas Island? 
-- Have you witnessed the running of the crabs?
Jane Eyre, and the manipulation of existing characters in literature for use in other literature
Late Regency England (1820-1837)
US Nuclear Testing in the pacific from 1946-1962
Traveling in Oceania
Using actual people in fiction, and the manipulation/reimagining of those people in literature
The Poetry of Wallace Stevens, especially:
-- What the hell is "The Emperor of Ice Cream" about?
-- Is "Domination of Black" the scariest f-ing poem ever? Why? How does rhythm in language stir up the unconscious?
-- Why isn't "Blanche McCarthy" in The Collected Works?
Teaching literature at the college level in ways that appeal to the kidz but that also works
Suburban Gothic literature (ie The Ice Storm, Kelly Link's "Stone Animals," The Virgin Suicides")